Friday, January 20, 2017

"Think God"

  When I was growing up I enjoyed the movies "Oh, God!" and "Oh, God Book II".  Both movies focused on individuals being able to see and talk with God.  In the second movie, God asks a young girl, Tracy, to write a slogan to get people's attention.  God is worried that people just aren't thinking about Him anymore.  Tracy and her friend come up with the slogan:  Think God.  She inspires her friends and classmates to write the slogan everywhere.
  I decided to revisit the past, and share this movie with my youngest daughter.  I hoped the movie wouldn't seem too dated for her.  Together we enjoyed a few good chuckles and when she saw the students writing "Think God" everywhere she said, "Mom we totally have to do this!"
  So, I'm asking for a little help.  Please text, write, tweet,  pin it, or snapchat "Think God" to someone today.  Maybe if we all started thinking more about God, we might eventually start thinking more like God.  Maybe, we might actually get a handle on the whole "love one another" commandment.  Think God.  Sounds like a great idea to me.  Who's up to the challenge?


Send us your pictures and we'll post them!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Please Stop Talking...

  Today, let your heart do all the talking while you pray, and give your mouth a day off.  Stand before the Lord in utter silence and just be.  Close your eyes and breathe in His love. letting it expand your lungs.  Then slowly let it go, taking with it, all your current thoughts.  Let God breathe life into your very being, filling you with His Presence.  Life is much more than what we can comprehend on our own. Let God take you to a knew level.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Fire Up!

 When you pray remember to invoke the the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  When our prayers are joined with the Holy Spirit a powerful flame of love is ignited.  A flame which can consume hatred, intolerance, jealousy, and indifference.  Don't underestimate your prayer life, ignite it!  Don't let your prayers just fill you, let them spark those around you!  Invite someone to pray with you or join others in prayer!  The potential to make changes in this world resides within you and your own living flame of faith.  Come Holy Spirit lets make a bonfire!


Friday, January 13, 2017

My Mission


  I have to admit God's Plan can be mysterious and confusing.  It is not written in black and white and labeled step1, step 2, step 3, etc.  God's plan is more of an inner stirring, a desire found in your heart, a series of unplanned events, and sometimes a dream that seems impossible.  God's plan isn't necessarily the answer to your prayer, but He may use you to answer the prayer of another.  And, in the end, we may find out it really was the answer we were searching for all along.  God never said we had to have it all figured out.  He just said, "Follow me."  This weekend I challenge you to ask God if there is anything you can help out with, and then follow His inspiration.  If you feel unsure and get cold feet, close your eyes and imagine God saying,  "Trust me, you got this!"


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All Stressed Out

 Right along with eliminating world hunger and acquiring world peace, I wonder what a stress-free life would look like.  Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to worry about so many things?   I have found that most days my over-weight friend "Worry" accompanies me wherever I go.  He has this annoying way of interrupting my thoughts and making my problems seem even bigger.  And if that wasn't enough to deal with, he has a twin brother named "Guilt" who always seems to stay right beside him.  What's annoying is that these twin brothers, Guilt and Worry, like to analyze my life and let me know how I could have done something better or how I never should have handled things that way.
  Life is not straight forward.  To quote a popular saying let's just say, "It's complicated."  Everyone has problems and everyone is struggling to get it right.  Perfection is an unattainable goal.  Maybe that's why Jesus spoke so much about forgiveness.  We have to forgive each other and ourselves, and trust that God will always love us, even when we make mistakes.
  I have decided to take a "trust walk" with Jesus, and I'm going to let my friends Worry and Guilt come along.  I think we could all benefit from some time with Jesus.  Exercise is good for the body and the soul, and I think the three of us (Me, Worry, & Guilt) could all use to lose a little weight. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Make Each Moment Count

Share kind words, smiles, and hugs.
Be honest & trustworthy.
Don't take what isn't yours.
Love people more than money.
Let your faith be your greatest fortune.
Make good choices for yourself and for others.
We touch each other's lives more than we know.
We were created by an all-loving God.
We were created to love.
Remember, God never asked us to get ahead.
He asked us to follow.
Walk slowly and carefully,
And let each moment,
each seed,
and each step,
Plant goodness into your soul.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Keep Dreaming

  Time, reflection, and faith can have a tremendous impact on our dreams.  What looks like the end, may only be the beginning of a new aspect of your life.  Be adventurous and ask God what He dreams for you.  Then, take the answer to that prayer, and begin your life again.